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Forester University Webinar

WaterTectonics partnered with Forester University to present an educational webinar in January 2017 entitled “When Basic BMPs Are Not Enough”.  With over 1,100 registrations, the webinar was very well received among the water industry professionals attending.

The presentation explored next steps in achieving stormwater compliance when basic best management practices (BMPs) are not meeting requirements. In case you missed the live presentation, the webinar will be hosted on the Forester University site as an on-demand download. To view, click here: 


Risk vs. Compliance

When looking to better understand what options are available to address contaminates brought on by a regulatory change, the path isn’t always clear. The first step is to weigh risk vs compliance. To better prepare for making a decision, our presentation provides tools, tasks and concepts to help better navigate the various technologies and complexity of stormwater chemistry.

Presentation Learning Objectives

  • Learn about stormwater chemistry in a variety of applications
  • Learn about the correlation between particle size and treatment options
  • Learn about various active treatment technologies and the contaminants of concern each addresses
  • Learn how to size active treatment systems


Particle Size Matters

When evaluating active treatment options, particle size matters. This table describes the relationship between particle size, settling time and treatment options. To download a handout featuring this particle size handout, please visit our knowledge center here