Established in 1969 by Naval Architect Henry Swasand, Aleutian Spray Fisheries operates fishing vessels throughout the North Pacific, with most of its harvesting and processing activity concentrated off the coasts of Alaska. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington along the shores of Lake Union, this 27,000 square foot project includes new construction of a two-story office building with below-grade parking at this combination shipyard and office complex. Because of known legacy contamination from prior ownership and the close proximity to Lake Union, Sellen Construction hired WaterTectonics to provide a 100gpm mobile WaveIonics electrocoagulation system for treatment of stormwater and dewatering water throughout the construction process. In addition, polishing carbon filtration was mobilized after the WaveIonics system to further reduce BTEX and TPH concentrations to meet stringent discharge limits.


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